MRC Tuning Ltd is a remapping/tuning company:

We tune all post 1998, drive by wire, VAG/Porsche, and a select few other brands with Bosch/Siemens ECUs.

Please read and understand our “responsible tuning policy” before undertaking any tuning work

There is a comprehensive FAQ and instructions on modifying your car that should be read and understood before modifying and bringing your car to be tuned. This is available in the reception.

We cannot warranty any engine. We can guarantee our remaps will be safe at the time the car is mapped.

If you are not happy in any way with the remap, we will refund the remap cost within 14 days of the remap.

We cannot quote any lead times for non-OE work or modifications to cars. All project or custom work will not have any defined lead times or completion dates. We will only give expected time for the labour of work.
Running a car on the dyno is at the customer’s own risk.

Any test drives by MRC Tuning Staff are at the customer’s risk. Our staff are insured to drive customer cars.

We charge £22+vat per day for storage of cars, which will take affect after 2 weeks of the booking in date, or after 1 week of completion of work.

All cars must be taxed, insured, and have a valid MOT at all times when on MRC Tuning property. We will not drive any cars unless they are known to be 100% legal for use on the road.
Cars will only be insured by MRC Tuning while work is being carried out inside the workshop.

There are no warranties on any modified cars.

For cars that require remedial work or modification prior to mapping we need to be informed of your budget as work may extend beyond initial estimates. We need this information beforehand especially if the car is being left with us

Servicing/Mechanical Work/Diagnostics:
In addition to remapping we can service/maintain/diagnose/modify/upgrade all post 1998 drive-by-wire VAG/Porsche cars at the owner’s request to their specifications. There are no warranties on any modified car parts fitted to a customer’s car.

Customer supplied parts:

When supplying your own parts for fitment please ensure they have been fully tested (with test results provided) and all fitting instructions are provided. The customer will have to cover costs any fitting issues or testing for parts we have not seen/tested/fitted previously. We cannot estimate gains or costs for parts we have not seen / fitted before.

We use VCDS, Durametric and VAG factory software for diagnostics.

All cars for diagnostics/remedial work should fill in a “diagnostic problem form” available in reception to help us identify the problem, when and how it occurs. The problem should be demonstrated to a member of staff. The form must be filled in to correctly identify and fix any issues.

Service schedules for modified (greater than 30% gain from stock) must be shortened accordingly. All engine oils and filters should be replaced on a 5k miles basis. Gearbox, diff oils and spark plugs should be replaced every 10k miles. Cambelt service should be carried out every 20k miles or less.
Cars with more than 50% increase in power should have Health Checks every 4k. Oil and filters in gearbox and engine, spark plugs should be changed every 4k or after any track day.
All OE standard parts fitted to a modified car will not carry any manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee.

All modifications that differ from OE specifications, carried out by MRC Tuning are modified at the owner’s risk.

An Engine Health Check should be carried out every 6 months.

All cars should be test driven on the day of pickup to make sure any issues or problems have been resolved on the day of pick up.

MRC Tuning cannot test drive cars for prolonged periods of time. If the car has an intermittent issue the customer has to drive the car until the issue is testable by MRC Tuning.

We only use genuine parts for servicing and repairs unless otherwise stated or requested by the customer.

We request that all MAFs on cars are genuine VAG parts, due to aftermarket MAFs causing intermittent or regular failures. There is no warranty if the MAFs have been damaged by contaminates sprayed on them.

Running more power and torque through the drivetrain will always put more strain on parts.

You can have a failure on the first run after running more power or you can have failures years later. Please understand this and mechanical issues will not be warranted.

After tuning, please drive your car for as long as possible before driving home in case you want anything changed or have any issues. We will always help, but if something is wrong and you carry on driving for days or weeks it can cause further issues.

To prevent and prepare your car for tuning there are some prerequisites you can make sure you have done or ask for a quote before tuning:

  • Make sure your gearbox software is up to date. Especially on older cars or first run of cars there will be software updates. VAG have always had issues with gearboxes and update their software over time. Check with VAG before you come you have newest software.
  • Service the gearbox, transfer box, diff and Haldex. VAG will have a service schedule, but you should reduce this at least by half and do a service before any tuning. Make sure VAG/other garages change all filters and seals and not just drop and change oil.
  • We recommend the longer filling tube in DQ250 boxes to get more oil in and better cooling.
  • Haldex without filters have to be flushed, the pump removed, and mesh cleaned.

If you are not confident or worried about your car being reliable or parts wearing or failing, then please do not ask us to tune your car. Please do not drive away without making sure you are happy with your car.

We use a service checklist for all service inspections. These are available for your car on request at time of picking up.

All cars booked in for service or diagnostics should be picked up within 1 week of the booking in date, or storage charges will be incurred.

MRC Tuning does not carry out any accident damage repair or bodywork.

We do have a car available on request. If you have requested a car, please check it is available the day before you are due to drop off your car, as the cars can be returned late from previous bookings.

By leaving your car at MRC Tuning, or having work undertaken by MRC Tuning, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.


What are the terms of using the dyno?

  • Dyno power run (up to 3 runs) is charged at £90+vat
  • All dyno time is chargeable at £90+vat/hour
  • Although we take as many precautions and check as much as we can, all dyno runs/usage are at the customer’s own risk.
  • To reduce time on dyno please make sure of the following:
    • The car is in good health ready to be tuned/tested. It has been serviced according to manufacture specifications.
    • All Fluid levels are checked. Any coolant/oil/fluid spillage into the dyno will have a 2-hour labour charge added in order for us to dismantle and clean the dyno. Additionally, you will be charge for extra time spent on the car to remove fix, and start mapping again.
    • Any damage caused to the dyno by tyre failures or fluid leaks will be chargeable
    • No Tyres are to have puncture repairs
    • Tyres are at usual operating pressures
    • No winter tyres fitted to the car (these get hot and melt)
    • No treaded track tyres (these get hot and melt, and exceed noise limits)
    • The car has to be aligned correctly with no extreme camber. A misaligned car can give erroneous results
    • Any work carried out while on the dyno will be charged at £90+vat/hour
    • No exhaust leaks as these will affect mixture readings from the exhaust
    • You should advise the operator of the rev limiter and if one is on the car
    • All towing eyes must be accessible in order to safely strap down the car. If not accessible our priority is to secure the vehicle safely so cannot accept for damage to undertrays, exhausts etc
    • Cars should have at least 150mm clearance under the car to clear the Rolling Road. Any adjustment or removal of parts will be charged at £90+vat/hour

Can I watch the dyno?

  • Due to Health and Safety you should not be in the workshop but you are welcome to watch from the dyno roller shutter door. If a car is particularly noisy it may be necessary to lower the roller shutter

I have been tuned by another company, can you do a power run?

  • We would rather not get involved in measuring tunes from other suppliers but  we can provide you accept it is entirely at your own risk. A poorly tuned car can have a catastrophic failure when pushed on the dyno.
  • We would advise that a Health check is performed, and diagnostics are connected when we do this so we can make sure everything is safe.

What does the dyno measure?

  • It measures the torque applied to the wheels on a wide-open throttle run. From this, power is calculated to give you a power and torque curve. This can be shown at the wheels or the calculated at the flywheel numbers. The dyno measures the rundown losses and adds this measurement to the measured power at the wheels.


Please fill out our “Tuning Form” before any tuning or modification work is carried out. The forms are available in the reception.

All cars that are remapped/tuned modified should be declared in full to your insurance company.

If any of your prerequisites that you make on the tuning form tuning cannot be fulfilled, we will refuse to work on your car.

We do not map cars to give you a set power, the car will be tuned to what is safe for the car
Any non-advertised modification to cars will not be given a completion date or defined by a leadtime.

For reliability regular Health Checks performed by MRC Tuning should be taken out.
Even though we check every car getting more power will reduce the life of wear and tear components.

The most reliable modifications to a turbo car will be to get the best exhaust and intake on the car to reduce stresses, with the remap.

Modifying cars in the UK generally do not add value to your car and you should be aware that in most cases will devalue the resale value of your car.

When you go to extreme modifications > 50% gains, you will have to be prepared for parts to break and severely shorten the life of engine and drivetrain components. While we tune the cars to be safe, lifetime of parts will be shortened.

Any modification that is not “off the shelf” or a common upgrade will encounter more risk of failure.

Any lowering of compression, will mean less mpg and less driveability off boost. It can also cause the idle to be uneven.

Any non OE camshafts can cause a rough idle.

Modifying a normally aspirated car to be charged is not going to keep OE safety protocols in the ECU for boost levels.

Any car that does not have egt and wideband measurements in the ECU should have external gauges fitted to check the car is safe at all times.